Weatherbunker redeux

We are up and running again but everyone needs to re-register (old passwords won’t work).

The address is slightly different:


Weather Bunker II

Had a little snag and the new Bunker address is:

Feb 2019 Update: The site above is temporarily down so we are hanging here until repairs are complete.

Everyone is welcome!

October – Tricks in the past and Treats to come

To keep with tradition, a new month means a new blog. We have dealt with some tricky issues but those are in the past. Now we look forward to lots of treats and additional Bunker buddies at the new site.
Just a bit of housekeeping: Most folks seem to be fine with the site going back to the domain. That said, we should purchase it as soon as it becomes available. GoDaddy states that it expired on 9/12. From some remarks Kid made, it sounds like they hold it for 28-30 days so the earliest it may be available is 10/10. I don’t know anything about how/where to buy domain names so I am hoping someone can take on the task of securing the domain. I also don’t know the cost but once we decide how to fund the new site (ads, memberships, Patreon, etc), maybe we could work out reimbursement of start-up costs.

Back to the weather…..

In the spirit of providing life-saving weather information, even here at Bunker Backup, I give you the hurricane scale:


The models have ghosties shooting the gap and haunting the Gulf of Mexico so keep an eye out for home-grown mischief.

crazy cat

Here we go again….

Greetings Bunker buddies. As I write this, it seems the domain rights have expired (again). Squid graciously offered a domain,, for our use. However, we would need to figure out a hosting site and forum software if we want to proceed with a new site.. Hosting isn’t too expensive (around $3-$10/month to start) and there is free, open source forum software available (phpBB seems to be a popular one but there are others). Unfortunately, that is the limit of my knowledge on setting up a forum site, but I am willing to learn/assist if someone else knows how to do it.

I love the current Weather Bunker and will always be grateful to Dewey for setting it up but this situation cannot go on as is. If anyone has suggestions, advice or any other thoughts, they would be very welcome.

UPDATE: Kid is setting up a new site and thinks we may need to use a different name than WeatherBunker in case it is trademarked or encumbered somehow. I’ll keep a running list here and folks can vote or make suggestions in the blog.

KanKunKid: Weathership, Weatherdonut

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Oss: WeatherOrNot, WeatherHaven, WeatherShelter, WeatherCave, DewNotWeather

SuperYooper: AlmostWeatherExperts, ExuberantWeather, WeatherWobble, WestwardClouds

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