Here we go again….

Greetings Bunker buddies. As I write this, it seems the domain rights have expired (again). Squid graciously offered a domain,, for our use. However, we would need to figure out a hosting site and forum software if we want to proceed with a new site.. Hosting isn’t too expensive (around $3-$10/month to start) and there is free, open source forum software available (phpBB seems to be a popular one but there are others). Unfortunately, that is the limit of my knowledge on setting up a forum site, but I am willing to learn/assist if someone else knows how to do it.

I love the current Weather Bunker and will always be grateful to Dewey for setting it up but this situation cannot go on as is. If anyone has suggestions, advice or any other thoughts, they would be very welcome.

UPDATE: Kid is setting up a new site and thinks we may need to use a different name than WeatherBunker in case it is trademarked or encumbered somehow. I’ll keep a running list here and folks can vote or make suggestions in the blog.

KanKunKid: Weathership, Weatherdonut

Hurricat: WeatherPost, WeatherWarehouse, WeatherDepot

Oss: WeatherOrNot, WeatherHaven, WeatherShelter, WeatherCave, DewNotWeather

SuperYooper: AlmostWeatherExperts, ExuberantWeather, WeatherWobble, WestwardClouds

Cos: oddsonweather


Did anyone bring cheetos?

Welcome  Bunker refugees. I am learning this WordPress stuff on the fly so bear with me. Hopefully we can get the situation with the Bunker resolved soon.